Why a No-Plastic  Christmas?

Tinsel, glitter, children's toys, bagged produce, mail order packages, imitation Christmas trees, ornaments, advent wreaths... think of all the plastic present in our lives, especially at Christmas. During this season of gift giving, parties and family togetherness we increase our waste by 30%!  Christmas in America seems to require us to buy more, eat more, to suck up more resources than ever.


At every stage of its life cycle, plastic contributes to climate change. And, if that’s not enough to make you commit to a no-plastic Christmas, the plastic crisis is also intertwined with racial inequalities.  To find out more, click here.  

Plastic Free Online Shopping

No way! Yes, way and here’s how.  First, you’ll want to shop at eco-friendly on-line stores.  There are several that have a wide range of products that use no plastics in their packaging.  Click here for links to some of the best.


Next, here are some tips that will help reduce the amounts of potential plastics involved.

  • To reduce packaging, buy as much as you can from one company, rather than buying one item here and one item there. This means you’ll get one large package rather than a lot of little individually wrapped packages.    Read more....


Put your thinking cap on and decide what to buy each person on your list.  If you’ve got ideas that involve plastics, consider these alternatives.

  • Look secondhand first! Scope out your local thrift stores - especially if it’s for a gift that has to cost below a certain amount.  It’s much easier to get something cheap that isn’t plastic trash at secondhand stores, and there are some wonderful thrift stores nearby.  Click here for more information on area second hand stores.  Read more...

A la naturelle!


Easy peasy and here’s how!


The most zero waste Christmas decorations are the ones you already own! Simply use the Christmas tree and decorations you store away every year.


Look for decorations and anything else you need at second-hand/thrift stores, on Facebook marketplace, in local free or swap groups on Facebook, or anywhere else you look for preloved items  Read more...

9 Easy nO -Plastic Gift Wrapping Tips

1.  Use what you have rather than buying anything more, and then recycle the paper after the gifts are opened and save it for next year.

2.   Buy second-hand gift wrap and ribbon if you need more.

3.   Be creative! Wrap presents in fabric, using pins or knots instead of ribbon.  Read more....


Bon Appetit without the PET, PETE or PVC!

 During the Christmas season we use 138,000 tons of plastic w rap!  Can you imagine?  That’s the weight of 138,000 cars!  Here are some easy ways to cut back on plastics of all kinds when it comes time to plan your Christmas dinner and other food festivities. 

  1.  Use re-useable items (cloth napkins, real silverware, glass glasses, etc.) whenever possible  and no paper plates allowed!  Don’t get rid of serving pieces just because they are plastic. The idea here is to reuse, reuse, reuse instead of replace.  Read more....

Original poem by Clement Clarke Moore with additions (in bold) to encourage a PLASTIC-FREE Christmas:

 ‘Twas the night before my plastic-free Christmas when all through our non-toxic plastic-free house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  Our glitter-free stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that all of our plastic-free gifts from St Nick soon would be there. The children were snuggled under organic down comforters all snug in their beds while visions of homemade toys danced in their heads. While momma in her organic cotton cap and I in my wool hat had just settled down under cotton quilts for a long winter’s nap.  Read more....