Plastic Free Online Shopping! 

No way! Yes, way and here’s how.  First, you’ll want to shop at eco-friendly on-line stores.  There are several that have a wide range of products that use no plastics in their packaging.  Click here for links to some of the best.


Next, here are some tips that will help reduce the amounts of potential plastics involved.

  • To reduce packaging, buy as much as you can from one company, rather than buying one item here and one item there. This means you’ll get one large package rather than a lot of little individually wrapped packages.    Read more....
  • Buy products on Amazon that are more sustainably packaged by buying “frustration free packaged” items.  That means they come in the product box, only, without additional packaging on the outside.  Beware, though, when delivered everyone who sees it will know what is sitting on your front porch! 
  • And, before you buy anything, be sure you, or the person to whom you are gifting it, will love it, need it, and want it forever!  Returning items requires yet more plastics in packaging and makes the original packaging even more wasteful.

Now, go check out those links and plan ahead for your BLACK FRIDAY shopping.  Look for tips next week on ideas for NO PLASTIC gift possibilities.