1.  Use what you have rather than buying anything more, and then recycle the paper after the gifts are opened and save it for next year.

2.   Buy second-hand gift wrap and ribbon if you need more.

3.   Be creative! Wrap presents in fabric, using pins or knots instead of ribbon.

4.   Use shoe boxes and other boxes you have on hand rather than buying boxes printed for Christmas…

5.   Make what you can from nature like evergreen, holly, and other natural embellishments.

6.   Recycle or re-purpose items like cut-up grocery bags for gift tags and newspaper for gift wrap.

7.   Wrapping paper with a shiny surface or glitter is likely to include plastic. Opt for the understated elegance of brown parcel paper or hand decorated brown paper lunch bags.

8.   Consider using raffia, burlap ribbon, or jute string instead of ribbon.

9.   Use brown paper tape instead of cello tape.