Put your thinking cap on and decide what to buy each person on your list.  If you’ve got ideas that involve plastics, consider these alternatives.

  • Look secondhand first! Scope out your local thrift stores - especially if it’s for a gift that has to cost below a certain amount.  It’s much easier to get something cheap that isn’t plastic trash at secondhand stores, and there are some wonderful thrift stores nearby.  Click here for more information on area second hand stores.
  • Give the gift of growing! Plants make great presents, but make sure that they are tailored to the receiver's lifestyle and home. Consider herbs and fruit trees, which will keep on giving for years, and seed cards, which will blossom when planted.
  • Give a gift for the stomach! Food and drink gifts will definitely be used, especially if they’re delicious. Buy it or put it in glass instead of plastic containers. Some ideas: chocolates, recipe mixes, jam, wine, hot chocolate and marshmallows, or little jars of different coffees or teas.   Or send favorite recipes for a gift that keeps on giving!
  • Give an experience - either something you can do together or something they would love to do: concert or theater tickets tickets, cooking classes, skydiving, a high tea, a craft class, hot air ballooning, a winery tour, dinner out, a food delivery service gift card, or a night/weekend away.
  • Give a planet-friendly gift by making a donation to an organization they support themselves, or one that fits their values.  Some suggestions of earth-care organizations are listed here.
  • Buy or make something made from sustainably sourced, natural items like wood or cotton, rather than plastics. Create gifts with supplies you already have or look for natural alternatives that don’t contain plastics.
  • Send Christmas ecards or emails instead of paper cards, especially if the ones you love include glitter, foil or a shiny surface.  You can send individually chosen ecards that include music and animation and can even be personally tailored to the receiver at an online source like American Greetings.  Or write an email with your favorite photos attached.