See you on Sunday!

Sundays are always a bit different at Bellevue First. 

1st & 3rd Sundays of the Month - Worship Service (In-person)

2nd Sunday - Community Group Gatherings

4th Sunday - Social Justice & Outreach (ACT Sundays)

5th Sunday - Communal Sabbath Practice

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Additional information:

First and Third Sundays: Sunday Worship (In-person)

Sunday Worship is the type of "church" gathering you may be most familiar with. On first and third Sundays we meet together for a shared practice of communal spirituality. This includes music, prayer, liturgy, art, a message from our Pastor. 

Second Sundays: Community Groups

Community Groups are at the heart of our Church. Once a month (near the second Sunday) groups all around the regional area meet for a simple gathering of conversation and food. We really believe it’s that simple. Instead of seeing the “worship service” as the primary venue where people should be invited, Community Groups invite us to practice being the Church through community and shared life together. Click here to join a Community Group!

Fourth Sundays: A.C.T. (Action Changes Things) 

ACT Sundays are where we put spirituality and values into action. Some Sundays you might find us out on in the community serving others, and on some weeks we’ll take action by hosting events that challenge people to make a difference in the world. Click here for more information about this month's and upcoming A.C.T. Sundays

Fifth Sundays: Sabbath Sunday

On Sabbath Sundays we intentionally take "time-off" to celebrate the goodness of life, whether it's shared meals, beautiful hikes, or simply taking the time for a good conversation. Click here for more information about upcoming Sabbath Sundays, and don't forget to take a look at our video archive of past Sabbath Sundays