Racial inequities and Covid-19 resources

Matias Valenzuela, Equity Director for Seatle/King County Public Health and Director, Community Mitigation and Recovery, COVID-19 Response provided us with much useful information about systemic reasons for the disproportionate numbers of Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) that contracted COVID-19. King County's work toward equity and opportunity is also included in resources, below.  Click on the boxes for more information.

  • Powerpoint Presentation, Matias Valenzuela, 9/27/2020

    Be sure to check out the last slide with links to up to date information.

  • CAll to ACtion:  Letters to our councilmembers

    Its all about putting the peanut butter on thicker on some parts for those that are hungrier or have less to eat. Write your County Council Representative and encourage her/him to divide the county budget more equitably, to provide more for districts that need more, 

  • King County: Building equity and opportunity infographic

    Demographic information. portions of the County being left behind, the importance of race and place, determinants of equity, and what the County is doing to build equity and opportunity.