ACTions you can take in your community

These are some actions that can be important steps on the path toward building relationships based on truth, respect, and justice. ACT (Action Changes Things).  Do at least one of these actions soon.  The Doables are from the Friends Peace Teams.  Real Rent is for the Duwamish Tribe in Seattle.  Click above for more information.

Lummi Totem Pole Journey to d.c.

Read about the Lummi Nation's House of Tears Carvers 2021 journey to transport a 24-foot totem pole around the Northwest, through California and the Southwest, and then to Washington DC. There the totem pole will be presented to the Biden Administration, as tribal leaders call on federal officials to implement policies to protect, restore, and renew sacred places, lands, and waterways; and manage them based on tribal sovereignty and Nation-to-Nation relations.