Decolonizing resources

  • Dismantling structures that perpetuate the status quo, 
  • Addressing unbalanced power dynamics.
  • Centering  the perspectives, stories, experiences and world view of non-whtie or non-settler people.

These are all definitions of decolonizing.  Following, you'll find a variety of resources to help you begin to decolonize the spaces where you hold power, to tell new stories and to better understand the past for a better tomorrow.

  • A list of ways you can begin to change the story and links to articles to learn more.

  • This presentation centers the work of one history teacher who is passionate about decolonizing.

  • This Ted Talk describes how hearing only a single story about another person or country, risks critical misunderstanding.

  • An insightful video about how children from Guam experience colonization and how decolonization would change things.

  • A wonderful example of the point at which decolonizing meets LGBTQ+ issues.