Climate change Resources

climate change action plan

Taking responsibility for our own actions is an importatnt component of helping to resolve the climate crisis. While each step may be smalll in and of itself,, the overall effect can be signiificant. Each change we make influences others to change, too, from those with whom we share meals may reduce their beef input if we do, to our co-workers who see us driving zippy electric cara to work, The small steps we take over time create a habit of behaving in a climate friendly way which eventually changes our behavior and how we see the world, how we vote and the causes we support.

Check out our suggestions for taking  personal action in three key areas: decreasing your carbon footprint over all, food sourcing, and racial equity and climate change..

Creation care voter's pledge

In caring for God's creation we are putting love into action for every living creature and for every economically or racially marginalized community that suffers from harm of any kind, but especially environmental harm.   Taking this pledge is one way you can help our community work toward those changes.

Why is this pledge important? Those who care about the environment do not vote as often as they should. When you sign this pledge, you're sending a loud message that you're going to start voting your values. We'll send you reminders to help you show up for upcoming elections, as well as for candidate forums in the area. Studies have shown that these simple, free reminders can help you be a much more consistent voter.