Below are helpful links and information about topics of general interest to our congregation. Many of them are Social Justice issues, others are more specifically issues within the United Methodist Church.

  • Racism, RAcial Equity and privilege

    Here are a lot of resources about Racism including information from Clyde Ford's  Let's Talk About Race presentation, as well as some podcasts, readings and organizations to check out.  

  • LGBTQ+ Resources

    What does it  mean to be reconciling? Check out this information.

    For information about what we think the Bible says or doesn't say about homosexuality, click here.  There's also some good info on LGBTQ issues in general.  

  • General Conference 2020 (postponed)

    In 2019 the General Conference of the Global United Methodist church voted to exclude people in the LGBTQ+ community from full inclusion in the United Methodist Church.  FUMCB and most of the Methodist churches in the west are actively opposed to that perspective and are working toward change at General Conference 2020, whenever it is held.  Many helpful links can be found here, most providing information on various plans for splitting up the Methodist Church.

  • Apportionments

    In October, 2019 our Leadership Council decided to withhold a part of our apportionments (dues to the global church) starting with September’s payment in an act of protest against the General Church’s acceptance and enforcement of the Book of Discipline’s current discriminatory language against LGBTQ+ persons.  The withheld funds were aside in a designated church account and paid to the General Church when conditions change or used to support inclusive ministries if conditions don’t change. Look here for more info on apportionments and our decision.


  • Wendell Berry's  Sabbath poetry

    Every Sabbath Berry, a poet and farmer, walked his farm and wrote a Sabbath poem.  This Lenten Devotional includes some of the most wonderful poems tied into Scripture verses, plus additional poems to be pondered, and daily practices to make this Lenten season memorable.