General Conference 2020 Resources

  • The Protocol;  A Negotiated Plan to split the church

    Lots of links to informative pieces! The Plan submitted can be found here. The list of participants is here in the Council of Bishop's Press Release.. FAQs are here. The UMNews story about it here. Reconciling Ministries response to it here. The Wesleyan Covenant Association (conservative) response to it here. An opinion piece by the pastor of  Seattle First here

  • OTHER Possible scenarios that split the church

    • Here are some articles about the Fresh United Methodist Summit (Western Jurisdiction) which was held in November. 
    • Here's a chart the summarizes the main four plans for the future of the UMC to be voted on at GC2020. 
  • Relevant LgBtq information

    • Here's where you can sign up to be a Reconciling Ministries Network Individual Member (its free) and learn more about what you yourself can do to help.
    • The video of Western Jurisdiction Bishops declaring safe harbor for LGBTQ+ clergy is here.
  • General conference info

    • Much useful information about the conference is posted here and updated periodically.
    • The latest from the traditional group, the Wesleyan Covenant Association's annual legislative meeting and conference is here.