Faith Formation

Formation at a young age is vital to the growth and development of a deep, rich life-long faith. Here are some things we offer to engage with folks of all ages:


-Middle School Gathering meets at 9:15 AM

-Youth Sermon Discussion after worship at 11:15 AM

-The Hangout: our monthly youth gathering (every third Sunday) at 11:30 AM

As a church, our worship services are cross-generational, with all ages encouraged to participate in worship in many ways, shapes, and forms! As we look to the spring, we are working on plans to have a

regular elementary Sunday School program as well as a confirmation/new member class for older teens.


Our youth and kids may be small in number, but this church and our community strive to lead and help them explore their faith in big ways! Come join us and explore

the wonderful and lovely world that God has created for us! 

Child care

Gretchen, our child care professional, loves working with little ones and welcomes all babies, toddlers and preschoolers to the nursery each Sunday from 9:45 - 11:15 am.   Toys, books, and puzzles begin the teaching of important values:  love, kindness, and faith.