On Sundays we typically gather together in our sanctuary to worship God with song, prayer and the eucharist. After several years of this, one might start to believe that is the right and only way to worship. But worshiping God can be so much more.

Worship can be the process of surrendering your entire life into God's hands. In that case EVERYTHING you do can—and should—be an act of worship.

Worship can be honoring God by living the life he wants for us: helping others, having an attitude of gratitude, and building relationships/being in community with others. These, too, are all forms of worship.

We all want to grow in our faith. One way to do this is having the courage to try something new. There is no wrong way to worship as worship can be found everywhere!  Step outside the box and worship God in a new and different way on Sunday, June 24th. God will be pleased by your worship, and you may find yourself closer to God than ever before.

Participate in a “Worship Service” Project

Help make non-perishable lunches for homeless youth served by Friends of Youth, in the parlor, sitting down, doing simple tasks. EVERYONE can do this project hosted by Darlene Pollard. Please sign up on Making Connections.

Family Camp! Fri., Jun 22nd—Sun., June 24

                          Jarrell Cove State Park (south Sound)

Tents, RVs and those staying in nearby motels are all welcome! Bring a kayak or canoe and enjoy the water, or

oystering/clamming gear for the more adventurous.

Sabbath DIY

The Sabbath is a chance to reset your relationship with God and others. Take time to spend with your family, go for a hike, eat brunch with friends. Thank God with all your heart for the blessings that are yours and come away refreshed.

Attend another church: Your choice!

Choose one in Bellevue or closer to home, a traditional service or a millennials’ mega church. Pay attention to the aspects of the service you like/don’t like. Bring home handouts to share with us.

Attend the PRIDE parade

Worship first at Seattle First at 10 am OR go later and enjoy the parade from the sidelines. NOTE: There’s an ecumenical PRIDE worship service Sat., June 23 at 2 pm at the First Congregational Church of Bellevue.