Doing church a new way

Our Sundays look different, and so do many of our other priorities.  

  • We are open and welcoming to all, and proud of our longtime work in support of the LGBTQ+ community, eve n in a global church which is split on this issues.  
  • We are strong proponents of social justice, curating a community social justice series and acting to change that which is unjust. 
  • Our Social Action Ministry Team (SAMT) leads the way in these efforts as well as in our feeding and education ministries.Our feeding and education ministries are mulit-faceted. 
  • The fund traditionally used at the pastor's discretion is now  managed by SAMT as the  Nieghbor's Fund, providing help for neighbors in crisis through a simple and generous process.
  • Ourweekly newsletter has all the information you need to connect, participate, support and enjoy.
  • Our facility acts as a community center, with meetngs, practices, worship services and events for at least 4 churches, 8 12-step groups, PFLAG, Gender Diversity and other organizations all partnering with us because of our building's value.